Corporate Family Office SIM,on the 23rd March 2017 purchased from Arianna SIM (in compulsory liquidation) a portfolio of investment contracts as per article 57 of consolidated financial law, and article 90 of consolidated banking law.

The criteria to identify the contracts purchased by CFO SIM as a part of this portfolio are published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana and at the link.

Contracts concluded by Arianna SIM that do not meet these criteria remain the responsibility of Arianna SIM in compulsory liquidation.

The contracts subject to this purchase were opened under different names used over the years by Arianna SIM: Sofid SIM 1994-2006, Eunice SIM 2006-2011 and Arianna SIM from 2011 to 2016

The holders of investment contracts purchased will receive a letter from CFO SIM containing all relevant information as well as contact details for the relevant reference person.”

– Rome 06 45474.51306 45474.51706 45474.538
– San Donato Milanese 02 25547.30102 25547.302
– Venice Porto Marghera 041 2515.211

or by email:


The platonic solids represent the search for a universal principle in every day life, the human attempt to reach a synthesis that can capture the perfection of the cosmos in the simplicity of things, the natural possibility to change and to keep our original characteristics at the same time.

Scientific approach, complexity and great ingenuity are at the basis of the construction of the platonic solids; these elements are also part of the philosophy adopted by CFO – Corporate Family Office to design effective solutions to suit the clients’ needs.

This process starts from ideas, studies, analyses and verifications in order to identify the most suitable solution to meet the clients’ expectations.