CFO Credit Brokers

The Dodecahedron, according to Phædo, represents the Universe or more simply the ether, in which everything moves.

Now, the company CFO Credit Brokers, operating in the world of Credit Mediation, has entered into the CFO Group.

It follows the spirit of the group by integrating its services, always with the aim of identifying the most suitable formula for the daily financial needs of clients.

It was born from the sharing of a project between long-term professional experience in the financial world, coming from a variety of different specialisations, but each with the necessity to offer the most professional service possible.

Management, all with a banking background, has developed important partnerships with the principal banking groups for over 30 years, gaining relevant experience particularly in relation to leasing products in all their forms, mortgages, credit lines and factoring.

CFO Credit Brokers is one of very few credit brokerage companies subject to the supervision of Consob and the Banca d’Italia, which while in some ways can be seen as a strong constraint on credit mediation activity, is in fact a critical factor for success, signature of a philosophy that sees the client at its centre, performing services at the maximum levels of compliance that the banking system requires.

"Of all things man is the measure,
o f the things that are, that they are,
of the things that aren't, that they are not".