Sales and trading

Our Sales & Trading division consists of Sales/Traders in daily contact with major institutional and international investors. The CFO team, thanks also to its strong synergies with our wealth management activity, offers daily support to clients implementing its investment policies.

Timely completion of operations is guaranteed by our administrative and back office services.
Organisation of conferences/roadshows: our multilingual sales team periodically organises roadshows for companies, both in Italy and in other European countries.


Equity brokerage:

The CFO SIM sales force is made up of highly accomplished Sales/Traders with an average of more than 20 years of experience, dedicated to both Italian and foreign stock markets. The desk also consists of a multilingual sales team which follows investors in the principal financial centres throughout Italy, the UK and Continental Europe.

Services offered:

  • Brokerage of Italian and foreign financial instruments on the secondary market;
  • Primary market placements.

Bond brokerage

CFO SIM’s dedicated team offers the following bond market services:

  • Brokerage of Italian and foreign corporate and government bonds on the secondary market;
  • Primary market placements.
  • The Bond team also supports the Wealth Management services of CFO SIM.
  • Equity brokerage:
  • Bond brokerage